Donors often appreciate a report each year on monies donated to your charity. An end of year letter provides one of the best opportunities of the year to thank donors for their gifts and remind them of the importance of notifying you if they no longer pay tax.

Annual advice notes are even more important for higher rate taxpayers.

There are two ways in which Fund Filer can help you with this:

end of year statements

The page for creating these is available in two places:

  • the 'Donor Summary' page. use the link in the green panel, top right. This produces a statement for the last 365 days. For a specific tax year end use:

  • the 'Donor Letters' page, accessible from donors on the pull down menu or from 'Donor Letters' in the donors section on the 'logged in home page'.

From these pages, Fund Filer allows you to generate letters as pdfs, designed to be overprinted onto your letterhead. There are two styles of letter.

1. summary style

The ‘summary’ 
style gives sum totals for the period: the total value of the gifts, total tax reclaimed and combined value of the gifts. This is the neatest option and should ensure your data fits onto a single sheet.

2. detail style

The detail letter lists every donation given in the period. For regular givers, these will often run to several pages, but are very comprehensive.

producing the letters

Begin by selecting a year end date from the field shown.

Fund Filer will then present a list of all donors who have made a gift in that period. The total number will show in the green button.

multiple letters

These pdfs can be generated very successfully but can be quite large depending on number of donors. If necessary, use the table to deselect any donors whom you don’t wish to include in the print run.

When ready, click the green button to generate a pdf containing all letters. The button defaults to the ‘summary’ style of letter.  

single letters

Links for creating individual pdfs are available in the table to the right of the donor name. Simply click to generate the letter.

summary by donor report

The letters are generic in style and designed to suit as many charities as possible. If you would like to generate your own bespoke letter, Fund Filer will easily provide the necessary donor and donations data from its ‘summary by donor’ report, which can then be used in a separate mail merge using software such as Word if using Windows or Pages if using a Mac.

Provide a date range where shown and download a file in csv format with donor name, address and donation information.

Note that both the options above will only work to their full potential if full address information has been recorded for your donors, rather than just house number and post code, the minimum required for a Gift Aid repayment claim.